Webinar recording: Energy storage applications


With energy storage emerging as a vital technology for utilities to optimise their operations, accelerate renewables adoption and ensure the reliability of grid network, what role is the technology playing in helping grid operators achieve their goals and what are these goals?

With the US battery energy storage market set to grow from 1.2GW in 2020 to nearly 7.5GW (and 26.5 GWh) in 2025 (Wood Mackenzie) and Europe’s electricity networks in need of up to 485GWh of storage capacity by 2040 to meet climate targets ( ENTSO-E), how and where does energy storage generate value for both utilities and consumers?

Applications vary with the end goal but include energy arbitrage to offset costs, flexible peaking resources, frequency regulation to ensure AC current remains within the exact required tolerance bounds of the grid, reserve capacity.

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Speakers will discuss the challenges and benefits utilities are recording from energy storage.

  • The webinar will be looking at energy storage applications.
  • Which use cases are mostly seeing widespread deployment and why? (What are the operational benefits for utilities (as well as other benefits) and how do consumers benefit from the use cases?)
  • Some of the challenges associated with these uses cases, why and how to overcome them.


Dr. Marek Kubik, managing director, Fluence. Marek is a founding member and Managing Director of energy storage technology “unicorn” Fluence.  He leads Fluence’s regional business, overseeing energy storage technology and services sales from origination to commercial close in the UK, Ireland, and Israel.  Marek has over a decade of experience in cleantech, including an instrumental role in delivering Europe’s first grid scale commercial battery storage project in 2015.


Suleman Khan: As CEO of Swell Energy, a home energy and grid services company, Suleman directs Swell’s customer acquisition, project development, project finance and grid services efforts. In the decade prior to launching Swell, Suleman worked at the nexus between renewable energy and structured finance, productizing solar and energy storage for the residential and commercial markets. In this capacity, Suleman helped establish new energy divisions within various companies including Tesla, NRG and FirstSolar, and also led the development of several renewable energy startups. Suleman previously worked on the structured credit products desk at Citigroup, as well as within Citigroup’s investment banking M&A division and Prudential’s alternative investments group. Suleman also served as Senior Advisor to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission under the Obama administration’s initiative to safeguard against future financial crises. Prior to his capital markets work, Suleman worked within the microfinance sector with global and regional organizations including the UNDP and the Zimbabwe Association of Microfinance Institutions. Suleman has an academic background in financial engineering and political science and serves as advisor to various energy access and water reclamation initiatives.