First community energy storage grid connected in India


Tata Power Delhi Distribution has powered up an energy storage system to support a local community in the northwest of New Delhi.

The project implemented with local storage solution provider Nexcharge comprises a 150kW/528kWh lithium-ion battery storage system, which has been installed at the Rani Bagh substation to improve supply reliability and provide support at the local distribution level.

The container-based storage system is designed to support the distribution transformers in peak load management, voltage regulation, power factor improvement, frequency regulation and deviation settlement mechanism. The system also can provide backup power for up to four hours to essential local service providers including hospitals and commercial complexes as well as the local consumers in the event of equipment failures or other emergency situations.

The storage system will charge during off peak hours and discharge during peak periods, enhancing the life of the assets and deferring the need for capital investment in upgrades.

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The system also has a black start feature for power restoration after outages.

Ganesh Srinivasan, CEO of Tata Power-DDL, says the system is the first grid connected battery storage at the community level in India.

“This will further strengthen our network and ensure reliable and quality power supply to our consumers at all times. Instead of building humungous infrastructure of transformers and electric equipment, community storage can be used to meet peak demand while storing surplus power,” he says.

He adds that the wider adoption of such storage systems will help the distribution companies in balancing the load curve and make them future ready.

Tata Power-DDL says that the Rani Bagh substation was selected for the storage system due to space constrains for additional transformers due to the high population density.

Tata Power-DDL is a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Delhi and serves a populace of 7 million in North Delhi.

Nexharge is a joint venture between Exide India and Leclanché.