Germany awaits approval on storage projects to meet growing demand


German grid developer, Energy System Management, has selected redT for a series of energy storage projects.

In total, redT will develop 80MWh of energy storage capacity to supply Secondary Control Reserve to the German and Austrian markets.

The 80MWh energy storage project will include the company providing 1,066 Gen 3 energy storage tanks. Construction is expected to begin in 2019.

The project will launch with the development of two 40MWh grid-scale energy storage projects.

The flow energy storage machines will store electricity generated from coal-fired power plants during times when demand is low for use during peak periods.

This will be the first time flow machines will be used to provide frequency response services in the Germany energy market.

redT will also provide knowledge and expertise in terms of operating the machines, to create maximum trading revenue returns for infrastructure investors looking to finance the project.

The project will be expanded to reach 690MWh in the future. Energy System Management has completed project planning, secured funding and is awaiting for regulatory approval.