New brief shows role of lead batteries in future energy business


Essential Energy Everyday has published a brief highlighting the role lead batteries will play in storing renewable energy.

The brief states the energy sector will rely heavily on lead batteries for storage as the anticipated increase in energy demand will be addressed by integrated storage and renewable energy solutions.

Essential Energy Everyday encourages continued investment in sustainable lead battery technology and predicts a 30% increase in energy demand between 2018 and 2040, equivalent to adding another China and India on earth.

Increasing demand is driving adoption of greener resources like wind, solar and water for generation, such that 40% of the globe’s total energy will be sourced from renewables.

Dr. Alistair Davidson, director of the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC), said: “This huge increase in demand cannot be met by one technology alone”.

Lead batteries, which already account for about three-quarters of the world’s rechargeable batteries in terms of stored energy, meet all the requirements for renewables storage and also provide a unique combination of reliability, safety, sustainability and competitive pricing.

“The challenge for business and policymakers is to continue to create the best conditions for companies to invest in research and innovation so that we can capture the full potential of wind and solar generated energy in the decades ahead.”

The brief includes eight case studies of wind and solar microgrids, illustrating how lead batteries deliver performance, cost efficiency, scalability, sustainability, safety and reliability.

The brief can be downloaded here