News and analysis concerning energy storage, including battery storage, research and development of new types of batteries, lithium-ion technology, as well as energy storage connected to mini-grids, distributed energy resources and related to vehicle-to-grid systems.

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US Department of Energy innovation to make battery storage projects safer

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has developed a simple sensor system to prevent dangerous conditions from developing in outdoor battery cabinets.

TenneT to pilot household flexibility in managing grid congestion

TenneT is partnering with software provider GreenCom Networks to pilot securing flexibility on the blockchain-based Equigy platform.

HBr flow battery technology gets development boost

Dutch start-up Elestor’s hydrogen bromine (HBr) flow battery is to be scaled in partnership with tank storage company Vopak.

Wärtsilä commissions first energy storage projects in the Philippines

Wärtsilä, together with SMC Global Power Holdings Inc. subsidiary, Universal Power Solutions Inc., has commissioned two energy storage projects in the Philippines.
energy storage

Australia’s battery market soars as renewables decline

Financial commitments in large-scale batteries have increased from 150MW of capacity in Q4 2020 to 600MW in Q1 2021.

Audi pilots concept for quick EV charging

Audi is developing a modular hub providing quick charging for six electric vehicles (EVs) along with a lounge area for drivers.

UK Power Networks creating a ‘virtual power station’ with flexibility

UK network operator UK Power Networks is awarding flexibility contracts of 350MW with a value of £30 million to 17 companies in the energy, tech and vehicle sectors.

Cement-based batteries – a potential future building storage option

New research from Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology is opening the way for concrete buildings to store energy like a giant battery.

Power solution of long-life IoT devices application

Power solution of long-life IoT devices application With the rapid development of IoT technology, the IoT devices require a variety of power solutions based on different applications.
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The changing landscape of utility-scale energy storage integration

The utility-scale energy storage market has grown increasingly competitive, with cumulative UES rollout set to exceed $215bn by 2030.

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