News and analysis concerning energy storage, including battery storage, research and development of new types of batteries, lithium-ion technology, as well as energy storage connected to mini-grids, distributed energy resources and related to vehicle-to-grid systems.


Tadiran supplies e-meter backup for batteries for Russian locomotives

Tadiran is well known and well-reputed in the battery business: Tadiran offers more than 50 years of experience in Lithium batteries for industrial use.

Latin America’s innovation outlook

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) LAC innovation index GAP analysis results reveal that disruptive trends such as decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation are accelerating the transformation of the Latin American and Caribbean energy industry, write Gavin Rennie and Dafna Siegert.
smart grid Latin America

Smart grid drivers in Latin America

Latin America is a massive potential market for the globalisation of smart energy. Projections show the region accounts for over 85 million smart meter deployments by 2029.

Gravitricity to pilot mine shafts for hydrogen storage

Scottish Energy storage company Gravitricity has revealed plans to add hydrogen and heat storage to their underground gravity energy system.

Tesla and partners install Europe’s most powerful EV chargers in Oxford

Energy services and EV charging tech firms including Tesla and Wenea to develop the most powerful EV charging hub in Europe.
engie battery

New Hampshire retailer installs first utility-scale battery with ENGIE

New Hampshire Electric Cooperative has completed its first utility-scale energy storage project with ENGIE North America.

Flexibility a key enabler of Britain’s net zero drive, analysis shows

A new study from the Carbon Trust suggests a fully flexible energy system could cut the cost of reaching net zero by up to £16.7 billion a year in 2050.

New utility rate structures to expand distributed energy storage market

The distributed energy storage market will expand as utilities charge customers based on usage patterns and design rate structures that reflect the fixed and variable costs of providing electric service.

Eurelectric Power Summit: Why the 2020s are the electric decade

Working towards a united goal makes global climate action effective, writes Eurelectric’s Pat O'Doherty.

Vermont utility balances regional grid with consumers’ Tesla batteries

Green Mountain Power announced that it is using consumer onsite batteries to ensure the reliability of the New England regional grid network.

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