US firm announces 32MW of utility storage in the pipeline


Powin Energy has announced it will provide up to 32MW/70MWh of energy storage capacity to four utility and commercial-scale projects by early 2019.

The firm’s lithium-based battery energy storage solution is being deployed by the Independent Electricity System Operator in an 8.8MW/40.4MWh project in Stratford, Canada.

Project partners include esVolta to provide ancillary services to the IESO.

Powin Energy has also partnered with Canadian utility Kitchener Wilmort Hydro and project developer Hecate Energy to install a 2MW/6MWh system, to provide reactive services, voltage control and spinning reserves to the IESO.

A large utility in Italy has also selected Powin Energy for the development of a 10MW/MWh storage system. The system will store energy generated by a coal plant during off-peak periods to meet demand during peak periods.

In Mexico, the solution provider is installing a 12MW/12MWh energy storage system to be paired with an islanded natural-gas generator providing power to a manufacturing complex.