Tennet pilots blockchain-enabled decentralised storage for energy flexibility


European transmission network operator Tennet is partnering with a subsidiary of German firm EWE to leverage flexible energy sourced from decentralised energy storage systems for network reliability.

Tennet is partnering with be.storaged GmbH to pilot the company’s decentralised energy management system which enables a ‘multi-purpose operation’ of battery storage.

The platform, developed in partnership with the Oldenburg OFFIS Institute for Computer Science, will ensure intelligent interaction of consumer distributed energy storage systems to manage congestion on the main grid.

The system will enable consumer storage systems to integrate flexible or excess electricity onto the main grid for stability during times when Tennet’s system is stressing.

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The flexible energy will be delivered via Tennet’s blockchain system Equigy Crowd Balancing Platform.

This will enable consumers to play a role in the energy transition, as well as generate excess revenue.

The project is part of efforts by Tennet to prepare its grid and services for changing business models. An increasing amount of renewable energy is being integrated into the German grid, and consumers continue to install onsite generators and storage systems.

Energy flexibility will enable Tennet to address grid bottlenecks including renewables fluctuations as decentralisation increases.

Previously, energy storage was mainly used to optimise renewable energy generation, however, the emergence of prosumers has led to new use cases such as demand response.

Such use cases will enable Tennet to avoid the construction of large power plants to meet energy demand and address grid bottlenecks, in future, but rather leverage decentralised energy storage systems as sources of smart and flexible energy.

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