Tesla eyes energy trading market opportunity


Tesla is looking for the market expertise to build a new team focussed on energy trading and market operations.

The move, the latest in what appears to be the company’s ambition to deepen its involvement in the energy sector, is intended to drive performance of the global fleet of battery and renewable projects as well as to build expertise in wholesale energy markets and support the development of its automated energy trading platform Autobidder.

The announcement from Julian Lamy, Senior Optimisation Software Engineer at Tesla who is leading the initiative, is looking for a Senior Energy Trading Analyst, who will use Autobidder to bid batteries into multiple wholesale energy markets and ensure the assets meet contractual obligations and comply with market rules.

Expertise is required in at least one of the markets or similar where Tesla has deployments, i.e. ERCOT, CAISO or ISO-NE in the US, the UK or Australian wholesale electricity markets.

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“I’m excited to announce that I’m building a new team at Tesla focused on Energy Trading and Market Operations,” Lamy wrote in a Linkedin posting.

“You will serve on the front-lines of the transition to sustainable energy, which requires high-performing batteries to bolster the grid and support a renewable future,” the job description reads.

Autobidder is a machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven cloud-based platform to monetise battery assets at both utility-scale and residential in virtual power plants. A focus is on value stacking across multiple streams, such as wholesale markets, transmission and distribution level grid services and renewable firming and shaping among others.

With battery and other storage deployments growing, the optimisation of these assets is becoming more critical to maximise their value as the markets become more competitive.

Offered as-a-service to independent power producers, utilities or others with connected storage assets Autobidder provides a new business opportunity to Tesla, alongside its popular battery packs and other offerings.

Most recently, Tesla has set its sights on launching a retail business in Texas.