Tesla launches first utility-scale storage solution


Tesla has launched its first, utility-scale energy storage solution, the Megapack.

The announcement was made on Monday 29 July, in a blog post on the brand’s website, and is based on the giant battery system Tesla installed in South Australia.

Megapack will join Tesla’s two smaller storage products – the Powerwall, aimed at the residential market, and the Powerpack, designed for commercial users.

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Energy storage in a secondary market to the brand, providing just $368 million of the $6.4 billion in revenue posted in their second quarter income report of 2019.

Tesla did deploy a record 415 megawatt-hours of energy storage products in the second quarter, an 81% increase from the previous report, according to Tesla’s quarterly review, released on July 29.  

To date, Powerwalls have been installed at over 50,000 locations.

A single Megapack will provide 182.5MW, and includes software, developed by Tesla, to monetise, monitor, and control the installations, the company said.

Megapack was inspired by South Australia’s Hornsedale project, which helped save the facility over $40 million in 2019.

In the future, utilities could use the Megapack to store excess solar or wind energy to support the grid’s peak loads.