The largest battery energy storage system in New York installed


Enel X has partnered with real estate firm Real Companies to launch the largest battery storage system in New York City.

The 4.8MW/16.4MWh in-front-of-the-meter battery system is located at Related Companies’ Gateway Center in East New York City, Brooklyn community.

The plant will support Con Edison’s local grid network during times when energy demand is high to ensure reliability of service.

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The lithium-ion energy storage system has been built as part of the Brooklyn-Queens Neighborhood Programme, designed to optimise consumer energy efficiency.

The construction of the system forms part of efforts by Con Edison to modernise its grid network and to achieve a target of 3GW of energy storage system by 2030.

The utility claims energy storage will play a key role in achieving energy sustainability goals.

Francesco Venturini, Head of Enel X, said: “New York is a complex, densely-populated market in continuous growth, which requires innovative technologies to address evolving energy challenges. Storage systems, like this one, are among the critical tools that can help take on these challenges, by increasing energy systems’ flexibility and stability.” 

“Sustainable solutions that support growing energy demands in large urban markets like New York City, while benefiting local communities are more important than ever before,” adds Luke Falk, Vice President of Related Companies. “We have been an innovator in sustainable building practices for decades and investing in sustainability in East New York for over 15 years, having opened the LEED2 Silver-certified Gateway Center in 2002 and integrating large solar installations in the neighbourhood. We saw the opportunity for a storage facility on-site and are gratified to have partnered with Enel X to bring a clean energy solution that will improve energy reliability in the community.”

To date, the Gateway Center project has delivered over 100 MWh of stored electricity from the battery storage system to the local grid.