Total to build France’s largest battery energy storage plant


Total has partnered with Saft on a €15 million project to build the largest lithium-ion battery energy storage plant in France.

The 25MWh/25MW will be built in Mardyck, at the Flandres Center in the district of Dunkirk.

The project will provide fast reserve services for grid stability and will back the government’s policy to support the development of electrical capacity through capacity mechanisms.

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The battery energy storage plant will be commissioned in late 2020 and will be based on Saft’s Intensium Max 20 High Energy solution. The solution will comprise 11 integrated 2.3MWh containers.

Patrick Pouyanne, the CEO of Total, said: “This project is part of Total’s strategy to develop the stationary energy storage solutions that are critical to the expansion of renewable energy, which is intermittent by nature. It will contribute toward the goal of increasing the share of renewables in France’s energy mix, while helping to stabilise the domestic power grid.

“Total’s involvement in the electricity segment continues to expand. With more than 40% of the storage capacities allocated, Total was the leading winner of the first call for tenders organised by RTE (France’s Electricity Transmission Network). This success was made possible thanks to the competencies of Total Flex, renewable energy aggregation expert, and Saft, the European leader in batteries for energy storage”.

Total is building a portfolio of low-carbon electricity operations, with the objective of seeing them account for 15 to 20% of its sales mix by 2040. Today, Total’s gross low-carbon power generation capacity is close to 7 gigawatts, of which more than 3 gigawatts from renewable energy sources.

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