Bringing Bitcoin to Africa: the man on a [prepaid] mission


In Johannesburg, South Africa, Lorien Gamaroff believes he has a way for Africa’s millions of unbanked consumers to pay their utility bills – the digital currency Bitcoin.

LorienGamaroff Gamaroff worked as technical director at Invirohub, a smart meter developer owned by the Bidvest Group, before founding Bankymoon

Gamaroff, a South Africa national and founder of Bitcoin company Bankymoon, has a background in developing software applications for smart meter solutions.

Gamaroff said he “looked under the hood” of Bitcoin and liked what he saw.

Launched in 2009, Bitcoin is a decentralised currency that is independent of central banks and governments.

Users download a Bitcoin wallet app to their phone or desktop to top up their own meter or members of their family’s in another country.

Bankymoon – audio interview

Metering Smart Energy International caught up with Lorien Gamaroff to hear more about his mission to bring Bitcoin technology to Africa, helping utilities to collect much-needed revenue along the way.