Customer engagement and trends within the EU energy market

Exploring the role of digital-enabled customer engagement to improve customer experience, services and enable utilities to address some of the pressing challenges they are facing.


startups and scaleups

EU scaleups: GNE Finance’s journey

Investments in startups and scaleups continue to increase in Europe as part of efforts by the bloc to invest in emerging and innovative solutions capable of delivering the energy transition
smart meter standardisation

No grid stability and resilience without smart meter standards

Peter Jensen, the Chair of IEC Technical Committee, answers a few questions relating to smart meter standards and future requirements.

Gigacorns vs unicorns – venture funding Europe’s climate business

Berlin-based start-up Extantia is looking for ‘Gigacorns’ – climate ‘Unicorns’ that can deliver transformative emission reduction technologies.

Women in energy: Catherine Leboul-Proust on GRDF’s third gas revolution

In an exclusive interview with Smart Energy International, Catherine Leboul-Proust delves into how GRDF is embracing the changing gas landscape, as well as her experiences as a woman in energy.

The role of innovation in the transition to a post-carbon economy

Peerapong Ken Hansakwong, sales director - APAC - EthosEnergy discusses the role of innovative technologies in ensuring the evolution of the power sector from fossil fuels to net-zero emissions.

Approaches for digitalisation, renewables and the new energy consumer

Graeme York, the CEO of Singapore-based utility Senoko Energy, about how the utility is adapting to the changing business models within the utility sector.