Saudi smart meters

The seven key benefits of SMETS smart meters

We spoke with Oliver Archer, an analyst at Cornwall Insight, regarding the benefits of SMETS smart meters and this what he had to say:

Good leadership in the energy transition

Ivan Geliukh, the CEO of DTEK and one of the featured leaders in the 2020 Global Power & Energy Elites, discusses the challenges and benefits of being a leader in the ever-changing energy transition.

Landis+Gyr at European Utility Week 2019

Chrystelle Muratel, vice president of marketing and communications in the EMEA at Landis+Gyr speaks about how the 3D’s are causing a lot challenges for utilities at the same time helping them to improve customer engagement and grid transparency.

The Lora Alliance – current and future initiatives

Richard Stamvik shares the verticals the Lora Alliance are focussing on - and it’s more than just utilities.

Is solar energy viable without subsidies?

James Sibony, CEO of Esparity Solar, discusses the European solar energy market, particularly in Spain.

Lessons learned in decentralised energy trading

A P2P trading platform started three year's ago, representing the first-ever decentralised wholesale trade platform.

How the drive towards decarbonisation is changing business models

ENGIE's Anne-Laure de Chammard discusses how the worldwide push for decarbonisation is forcing energy providers to change their business models.

The energy industry needs more leadership

Kevin O'Donovan discusses the pace of the energy transition, decarbonisation, new technology, and the big trends in the energy industry.

The Future Flow project

Peter Nemceck speaks about the Future Flow project, a cross border flexibility programme encompassing four European countries.

Europe’s clean energy future, we must do more, better, faster, says...

Francesco La Camera, Director-General, IRENA, discusses how even though clean energy is becoming more mainstream , the rate of adoption is still too slow.

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