Siemens Smart Grid Software Leadership Conference – Opening session


ThomasZThe Age of the Data-Driven Utility: Power Big Transformations Now
“Smart Grid” as a term was introduced 10 years ago, but how far along are we to seeing a grid that is truly smart? Utilities and technology vendors may need to start thinking small to become more efficient within their organizations today and ready to expand into Big Data operations in the near future. Thomas Zimmerman, CEO of Siemens’ Smart Grid Services, will discuss how data driven utilities will move the industry forward and how thinking small may be the key to achieving a smart grid.

Speaker: Thomas Zimmermann, CEO BU Smart Grid Services, Smart Grid Division, Siemens Infrastructure & Cities Sector

JesseBReinventing Electricity (and Your Important Role)
This fast-paced session from smart grid thought leader Jesse Berst will supply the context for the breakout sessions that will follow at the Siemens Smart Grid Software Leadership Conference. You’ll learn why the next few years will be the most important in the history of electricity since Thomas Edison kicked things off in 1882. Jesse will explain the four major aspects of the transformation that is underway. Then he will set forth the forces that are converging to force even more change at an even faster pace. He will conclude with suggestions on the roles you could, and should, play at this historic moment.

Speaker: Jesse Berst, founder & Chairman, Smart Cities Council

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