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A note from thClaire Volkwyn editor of Metering & Smart Energy Internationale editor of Metering & Smart Energy International, Claire Volkwyn

This edition we are particularly pleased to share an interview with Ana Aguado, Secretary General of EDSO wherein Ana shares her vision for the association and gives some insight into the direction DSOs are taking in Europe. She discusses her role as SG of EDSO, and some of the challenges faced by DSOs such as the increasing prevalence of prosumers and the move to the European Internal Energy Market.

A reoccurring theme for us this year has been the role of cyber security in the utility sector, and we had a chance to speak with Nadya Bartol of the UTC when she was in Johannesburg. She highlighted that cyber security is not just limited to the internet facing devices, but also to the relationships utilities have with their IT suppliers, and that this relationship needs to extend to the decommissioning of equipment and the information contained therein.

Speaking of relationships – customer engagement and interaction is the focus of two of our articles in this edition – one which examines how utilities could be taking telco experiences and transferring them to improving digital engagement with customers. The other shows how changing customer behaviour is more complex than some would believe.

The 2014 journey

As we reflect on 2014, I have been giving thought to how our publication has changed over the past year, and the responses we have had from you, our readers, in the past 12 months.

As many of you will have noticed, we have transitioned to an updated name and logo, which better reflects the changing nature of our industry, and the scope of our focus as a publication.

We’ve made some other changes that I hope have made Metering and Smart Energy International more readable, more relevant and more engaging – these include some layout changes, adding new life to our popular Compos Mentis feature, and the introduction of the Big Question. It has been particularly heartening to see the increased communication with our readers across all our channels.

The team behind the scenes

I wanted to use this last part of my editorial for purely selfish reasons and that is to thank the amazing team who makes all of this possible. To our advisory board – you are the unsung heroes of our editorial focus. As the expert team who guides the editorial programme, and provides insight and referrals to many of our stories, I wanted to thank you for your input this year.

To Amy, who ably assists me with the editing of Metering and Smart Energy International, Dane and Bernice who ensure production runs like clockwork, and our wonderful digital editor, Rose… my thanks to you all for your hard work and dedication to making this magazine editorially better and operationally more efficient than it’s ever been.

To our sales team – Gerald, Neal, Yusuf and Alick – thanks for the ongoing efforts to engage with and promote Metering and Smart Energy International the way you do.

Each one of you make this an amazing team to be part of, and to each of you, my humble thanks for making my job so easy.

Last, but not least, I want to thank you as the reader of Metering and Smart Energy International for your ongoing support, encouragement and feedback. As we enter 2015, I hope you have had time to rest, recharge and have started the year refreshed and ready to tackle the many opportunities out there. We look forward to being of service to you in 2015!

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