Change seems to be the most appropriate word to describe our sector – our world – at this time. And our editorial this edition reflects much of that change on both a global and a nano-scale.

Our special supplement is focussed on a current buzzword and potentially industry changing concept – namely blockchain. Blockchain has the ability to provide intermediary free interactions between stakeholders on the network, effectively rendering the utility’s role in energy trading or sharing obsolete. What this means for utilities is still to be determined and it may well be true, as one of our contributors says, that “blockchain technology can barely justify the current hype around it.” Yet, what is clear is that things are changing… This is further demonstrated in our articles on the evolution of smart metering and the increased use of SaaS in smart metering.

My editor’s note is complemented by a message from our Publishing Director, Ross Hastie, who joined the company in October 2017. He shares some of the changes reflected within our business and that of our parent company, Clarion, in his message. Continuing with the concept of change, it gives me great pleasure to welcome back to the Metering & Smart Energy International sales team, an old friend, Errol Bryce, who has joined the team and will be reaching out to renew contacts and forming new relationships.

He is taking over from Graham Emeric, who sadly, will be exploring a new direction in his life and will be leaving us to pursue other opportunities.

Smart energy is already profoundly changing people’s lives and the rate of change in this industry never ceases to increase. The next revolution to impact global society is well underway. Change brings innovation, inspiration and improvement.

Yet we all know the old adage, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” We are about the change, but our commitment to keeping you informed is unwavering. This publication, once known as Smart Energy International, has been a trusted partner and voice in the smart energy industry for 21 years.

As the industry transformed and remodelled itself, so did we, when our name became Metering & Smart Energy international in 2014. And now it’s time for the next evolution. From Issue 4, due for release in August, this magazine will be known as Smart Energy International, reflecting how our content has evolved along with the major players and innovations in the smart energy space.

Online, this brand refinement will happen in July. Metering always has been, and will remain, one of the core pillars of our content. But since we have been covering so many other sectors of the smart energy industry for years already, we feel it’s time for the brand’s name to reflect that evolution. All this is happening in the context of our parent company’s significant expansion.

In this edition you can find out how the reach and scope of our publication has been given a massive boost as we increase our portfolio of media partnerships with some key power and energy events, especially in the US, thanks to Clarion Events’ acquisition of the PennWell Corporation. Exciting times lie ahead; we look forward to you joining us in the next chapter of this evolving story.