Smart Energy International Issue 1, 2014: Focus on smart water and electricity meters


This edition we have a strong focus on smart metering – both water and electricity, with articles on pages 16, 20 and 28. These examine the rollout of Smart Metering in the UK, and look at best practice from around the world for smart meter rollouts. More and more the role of the customer is being highlighted as a prime consideration in any smart meter or smart grid rollout. If you have any experiences you would like to share, we’d love to hear about them.

Smart water meter networks are the next step in effectively managing our scarce water resources in a sustainable manner and we examine these on page 28. Sticking with the topic of water, Uganda’s National Water and Sewerage Corporation shares some insights into the changes that prepayment has made to the provision of water to the poorest of the poor in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city (page 34).

The Smart Energy International section brings you an update from the world of energy storage, where new technology could potentially change the way energy is stored and improve the overall efficiency of renewable energy integration into the grid, along with enhancing power quality (page 42). In Israel, the Israeli Energy Efficiency Association has launched a road map for smart grid implementation which examines the business case for smart grids and role of smart meters in this programme (page 46).

We launch our first Big Question feature, which will examine various questions in each edition of Smart Energy International which may be controversial, open to interpretation or to which there are multiple answers. The Big Question in this case is ‘Do you need a smart meter for the smart grid?’ You are welcome to share your own opinions on this question on or by writing to me at

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