Metering & Smart Energy International Edition 2, 2015


Joao Torres, CEO of Portugal’s EDP Distribuiҫão talks to Metering & Smart Energy International about the drive toward a more flexible grid. Torres believes that more renewable energy means more flexible grids, remarking that ‘DSO must improve their roles as neutral market facilitators in order to enable the development of new market-based services to consumers by third parties and to ensure secure system operation’.

Ever wondered about sustained accuracy in your metering set up? We examine this question with Bal Mukund Vyas who believes firmly that accuracy is commercially very important and that this can only be assured by periodic verification.  He goes on to say that ‘on-site periodic verification of electricity meters is a challenging task and requires trained staff and organisational skill’.  How do you match up on this issue?

Asian Utility Week celebrates the Asian Smart Grid revolution.  Read more about the event (coming up 9th – 10th June) and how renewable energy is changing the Asian technology landscape here.

Is electricity theft and high prices driving smart metering deployments in Central America and the Caribbean?  Ben Gardner of Northeast Group believes so, and focuses on high transmission losses as being a strong driver for justifying the business case for smart metering in this region.

Compos Mentis asks why, if meters are the cash register of distribution utilities in India, are these utilities so badly cash strapped and incurring such high losses?

For more exciting content on:

  • Changes to DLMS/Cosem
  • Prime v1.4 and the extension of bandwidth
  • Cape Town’s ‘backyarder’ programme
  • Japan’s deregulated electricity market

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