Smart Energy International issue 4 2021

Fit for 55 in Milan

Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the world. Thus spoke the EU Commission and I don’t think many people around the world would argue against this statement. After all, we have the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement to prove how seriously the world is taking climate change. At least in public…

In Europe, we have the Green Deal to pride ourselves on and to worry about Why worry? I believe that the current energy prices and fuel shortages – you hear about it daily on the news, no need for me to focus on the details – are a huge red flag for us all. Because we may preach on the value of more renewable energy sources in order to fight climate change, but do we have them? And do we have the infrastructure needed, in order to integrate them into the smart grid?

Well, these are only a couple of the questions that this year’s Enlit Europe will attempt to unpack. This issue you are holding, the last for 2021, is dedicated both to the Green Deal and the first Enlit Europe event since the pandemic started. From 30 November until 2 December, energy experts are going to meet in Milan, finally face-to-face, and discuss both the success stories and the problems of the energy sector.

In the build-up to these meetings, check out our cover story, dedicated to some of the leaders of the energy sector that are ‘Fit for 55’. We have identified 55 people that are working hard and are important contributors, not only to the Green Deal goals, but in the worldwide fight against climate change too.

I highly recommend nobilegroup CEO Peter Gönitzer’s article on the financial side of the Green Deal, which will help you get a holistic view of the situation. After all, as Peter writes, ‘sustainability is becoming more and more a decisive factor, when it comes to investment decisions’. As it should, I would add.

Moreover, our COP26 article and the predictions for 2022, will help you ‘ imagine’ what is to come in the near future for the energy sector.

Don’t miss the articles on cybersecurity and interoperability, as they succeed in highlighting two very important topics for the energy sector. And of course, our supplement, the Guide, which includes a plethora of articles ranging from hydrogen and natural gas, to biomass and the making of a smart building.

My personal favourite, however, is the interview of Chris Peeters, CEO of Elia Group, with Pamela Largue. Through the exemplar profiling of the TSO from Belgium, we get the highlights of an entire sector, for the months to come.

Months that, if energy prices continue to climb and countries continue to experience fuel shortages, are going to be tough for the energy sector and us all. But at least we are going to meet in person, in Milan, at the end of November.

I, for one, cannot wait. What about you? #AreYouEnlit

Areti Ntaradimou
Editor – Smart Energy International