Bausch Datacom is building a diversified portfolio of GPRS/3G modems, RTUs and routers for IEC 60870-5-104 SCADA systems and Automatic Meter Reading.

Whether you want to monitor grid power quality parameters, smart EV charging infrastructure or transfer meter data, our focus is on offering external smart communication products using IEC 60870-5-104 or backoffice modem management software

Meter reading

Industrial hardware and software

Our GPRS/3G modems – InduBox GSM IX and X for smart metering communication are designed according to the highest industrial electromagnetic immunity requirements (TST25) and are therefore greatly appreciated by our customers in the world of electricity metering. Bausch Datacom’s InduBox modems are used worldwide in combination with metering devices such as Itron ACE6000 and SL7000; Iskraemeco MT830, 831, 861; Elster A1500 and other meter brands. Next to immunity in high-voltage applications, IP51, DINrail, RS-232 and RS485, the Bausch InduBox modems offer different applications, across different communication scenarios. For mass deployment and management of the InduBox GSM and GPRS modems Bausch Datacom has developed the Praxis Modem Management System.