A stellar line up of experts at EUW 2017


Mr. Adnan Z. Amin, Director-General (IRENA) will open the official keynote for EUW 2017.

Emergent new players and distributed generation, as well as changing demand patterns are all impacting business models  tremendously. The opening keynote of the European Utility Week Summit, on the first day of the event, will examine those key strategic themes causing shifts in the utility business model.

Shaping the future of the energy industry lies in an integrated approach to an energy infrastructure – a fully integrated and interconnected electricity system and market in Europe. A vision that goes beyond regional efforts and spans all key players in the smart energy ecosystem. European strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low carbon energy supply is at the heart of European Utility Week.

In the opening keynote Adnan Z. Amin will address the challenges utilities are currently dealing with, and how European strategy and goals for 2030 and 2050 will enable the transition towards a low carbon energy supply.

The keynote will also feature those key enablers from the industry who have been appointed to help orchestrate this change and guide the industry forward, including:

  • Manon Janssen, chair of Topsector Energie and CEO of Ecorys – presenting Energy innovation in the Netherlands
  • Ernesto Ciorra, head of innovation and sustainability, Enel Group – presenting 2017: It isn’t time for utilities
  • Brien Sheahan CEO, Illinois Commerce Commission – presenting Energy in the USA, market design with innovative regulation
  • Cedrik Neike, member of the managing board, Siemens AG – presenting The 3D model of energy: decarbonisation through decentralisation and digitalisation
  • Philippe Monloubou, chief executive officer, Enedis and chairman, Think Smartgrids – presenting Vision of the utility from now until 2025
  • Benjamin Sovacool, Professor of energy policy, University of Sussex; Professor of business and social sciences, Aarhus University – presenting The choice of the ‘consumer’

The Keynote will set the stage for what will come during the strategic summit across the 3-day program. The high-level opening debate will be a true reflection of the choice of the ‘consumer’ – how to empower people by understanding their energy choices and the shift of ownership in the value chain.

“The global electricity system stands at a critical juncture in the midst of transition.

Whether consumers become empowered to expedite this transition, or resist it, remains an open-ended question. I am excited to … help explore industry perspectives on both transitions and the topic of consumers and prosumers.” says Profession Sovacool.

 Fully encompassing the value chain

Other impressive initiatives happening during the 3-day event include the Bridge Initiative (Horizon 2020) projects. Funded by the EU Commission, the event will house 22 energy projects helping to contribute to a successful, digitally-supported energy transition. It does this by fostering the exchange of information, experience, knowledge and best practices to produce coordinated, balanced and coherent  recommendations to policy makers for removing barriers to innovation deployment.

“The event is a dynamic and energizing 3-day business, innovation and information platform in the form of a conference-led exhibition. It facilitates greater networking and content sharing opportunities across the entire energy spectrum from generation to end use,” says Patrick Young, Event Director for European Utility Week. “The programme is developed to serve every level of the utility value chain in the form of a strategic and policy forming environment during the exclusive Summit and the more practical case studies presented during the Hub Sessions, free to attend for all visitors.” MI


Image Credit: 123rf.