The Italian Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG) has issued a call for the implementation of pilot projects for the remote reading of meters in multi-business households.

The HERA project has been selected among those eligible for funding for a project of this type, which will be built in the city of Modena, covering approximately 13 300 users. For these customers, the service will be provided for the remote reading of natural gas, water, electricity, and district heating. The project will address, in addition to the installation of smart meters end-users, the implementation of a logical Smart City in relation to some of the services managed by HERA.

Background to the project

AEEG requires that 60% of all residential gas meters (G4 and G6) be replaced by 2018. Additionally, the authority is interested in assessing the constraints and methods of sharing communication infrastructure for different types of services that are regulated or part of public utilities.

The goals of the project include….

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