In depth: PLC communication – the transmission chain’s weakest link?


There is no doubt that power lines are part of critical infrastructure. Power engineering is now in its most dramatic development phase. Unfortunately, progress in technologies and political decisions tend to complicate development. figure 1

After the EU strategic plan 20-20-20 is realised, we are likely to face the paradox of a reliable supply of power still not being ensured.

Fortunately, however, even empty slogans such as ‘smart grid’ bring rational considerations and decisions to the area of stability and safety of power supply.

Reliability equal to power supply

The way to control end devices, including residential e-meters, is very clear … despite reservations PLC technology will prevail. It is the only technology with reliability that equals that of the power supply.

Shannon schematics of communication systems reveal the structure of both modem and surroundings that influence total efficiency of transferred information. A real communication system is obviously significantly more…

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