Industry Insights: Ana Aguado, secretary general, EDSO for Smart Grids


Global trends in energy are changing the traditional electricity model as we know it. Climate change, energy security and the rise in distributed resources are amongst the main drivers forcing the distribution system operator (DSO) to adapt and evolve.

As a key component of the energy value chain, the DSO plays a pivotal part toward achieving a diversified, secure and sustainable electricity system. The EU’s aim of establishing a competitive internal energy market, along with EU policy and proliferation of smart meter and smart grid deployments, has and will continue to have an impact on the traditional role of the DSO. Adding to this, electricity consumers have become an integrated part of the power system through interaction with the grid via smart grid technologies (smart meters, vehicle-to-grid). As the main interface between energy and end user, DSOs will have to become increasingly flexible, as customers are given more and more control over their energy consumption.

Amy Ryan, Deputy Editor, spoke with Ana Aguado, new secretary general for EDSO for Smart Grids, gaining insight into how the role of DSOs in Europe are changing toward employing a more customer-centric model in the new energy landscape. Here is what she had to say….

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