Skills shortages in South Africa

Roula Inglesi-Lotz, associate professor, Department of Economics, University of Pretoria and president of the South African Association for Energy Economics (SAAEE), discusses skills shortages in the sector.

This article was originally published in Smart Energy International 2-2019.  The full version will be published on 16 May. Read all articles via our digital magazine today.

Through my experience over the years and discussions with colleagues from all spheres of the energy sector, the need for a platform to exchange new ideas and knowledge, networking opportunities and promoting and encouraging energy research was a frequent topic.

Colleagues and energy enthusiasts, we all came together, with the support of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE), to make an effort towards creating a national forum for energy specialists from all professions and spheres of the energy sector (academia, industry, government, private and public sector). It intends to build intellectual capacity and thereby improve energy policy propositions and implementations.