Smart integrated prepayment vending system solution


CHINT offers a reliable and affordable prepayment vending system solution to help worldwide utilities optimize the delivery and use of electricity, paving the way for a more efficient and reliable grid.

The system is highly integrated and features interoperability, security and scalability on a single platform, and accommodates the full array from prepayment meters, CIU/UIU, data concentrators, system software for vending of tokens, to data collection, delivery, management and analyses.

System Infrastructure:

Diagram 1
Diagram 1: CHINT vending system infrastructure

The physical infrastructure of CHINT’s prepayment vending system comprises a point of sale (POS) unit, master station unit, outdoor unit and indoor unit, as shown in diagram 1.

The POS Unit

In order to be convenient for utility vending and user recharging, the utility is able to develop multiple POS points under the vending system. The system supports multi-vending terminals, such as E-banking, mobile POS, vending cards, ATM, CDU, etc.

The Master Station Unit

The system has good interoperability and scalability, and utilises open protocol standards such as the IEC62056 DLMS/ COSEM protocol and STS protocol, and supports multiple database platforms such as ORACLE, SQL-Server, etc.

It is multifunctional with tax and tariff management, authorization, supervision and management of vending point secured with STS encryption. Meanwhile, it is also an AMI system with remote tariff programming; remote disconnection and reconnection; demand side management; data analysis functions; tamper event, grid event and meter event collection; user-defined reports, load profiling, etc.

It is flexible with a variety of optional communication solutions and uplink channel support such as GPRS, Ethernet, SMS, optical fibre, etc. Downlink channels support PLC, RF, ZIGBEE, RS485, etc.

The system combines reliability with independent operation management through branch offices, supports WEB load balancing and database load balancing technology. The data acquisition application supports multi-server, unified system management and disaster recovery switchover supported by head office.

It is secure with multi-level access authorization management, user accessed, vending transaction traceable, abnormal case analysis, billing data analysis, etc.

The Outdoor Unit

The system supports a variety of terminal equipment to meet the requirements of different countries and regions and supports a variety of optional remote communication and local communication solutions.

The CHZ127-1j series DCU is an important part of the CHINT vending system and connects various meters with the master station and performs task setting, data collection, data transmission, data storage, meter management, GPRS information task execution and PLC/RF network management. The uplink communication between concentrator and HES adopts GPRS/CDMA/Ethernet/Optical Fibre technology; the downlink communication between concentrator and various meters adopts PLC/RF/ZIGBEE communication. Additionally, local communication for the concentrator is available via the RS232/ RS485/Optical port.

The DDSY666J single phase keypad prepayment meter is the control and interface unit. It is a standard keypad prepayment meter with STS standard. A split prepayment meter, it communicates with the CIU/UIU via MBUS/PLC/RF for energy consumption monitoring and credit recharging. It is suitable for a PLC/RF split keypad prepayment solution matching CIU666K-P, as illustrated in diagram 1.

The Indoor Unit

In order to be conveniently querying electricity information and recharging, CHINT’s vending system supports a variety of CIU/UIU. The utility can choose a suitable CIU/UIU according to the residential installation environment.

The CIU666K-P customer interface unit is the credit charging unit with a keypad. It is provided with both AC and battery power supply. Even if there is no AC power supply, it still can work on a battery. It is easy to match with meters, convenient for site installation and it is possible to replace the battery without uninstalling the meter. It communicates with meters or control units via PLC or RF for energy consumption and credit balance monitoring, credit limitation alarms and credit recharging.

The CIU666K-M customer interface unit is the credit charging unit with keypad. It is provided with an independent power supply from the meter. It is easy to match with a meter, convenient for site installation and has an LCD backlight to increase readability under low light conditions. It communicates with meters or control units via MBUS for energy consumption and credit balance monitoring, credit limitation alarming and credit recharging. MI