Utility game-changers: Bringing big data management to cloud level


Listed as no. 1 of European Utility Week in November last year – “the Rockstar of the show” – Energyworx has created quite some buzz in the international utility market. In 2015, we will certainly see more of this company, if not for the fact that it has recently been included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.energyworx

Time to have a closer look at what it is that makes them change the way things are done so far, and create major opportunities for utilities to master mountains of big data.

Let’s start at the beginning: the data issue. As energy systems change around the world, access to detailed information is being used to implement energy efficiency, grid balancing systems, and build better relationships with the ever emancipating customer.

More smart meter systems are rolled out across the world and increased processing power to master big data is going to be key to future energy challenges. The question is whether local data centres and conventional software will be able to process data at the level of scale that will be necessary in the near future.

‘Our database technology is very different from the established companies and that is why we are currently outperforming them when it comes to scale,’ says Edwin Poot, Energyworx’s Chief Executive Officer.

Energyworx’ processing power

The configuration of the Energyworx’ database system is designed like that…

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