Hitachi Energy and Denmark’s Clever partner on EVs, renewables, and storage

A new partnership aims to ensure that Denmark is able to power its electric vehicles (EVs) with 100% renewable electricity 24/7 and to leverage EVs and battery storage to expand renewables' use for grid stability.


Mitsubishi Corporation

Kaluza, Mitsubishi partner on EV solutions in Japan

UK energy management solutions firm Kaluza and Mitsubishi Corporation are to develop a new suite of electric vehicle (EV) products and services.
customer engagement

Customer engagement and trends within the EU energy market

Exploring the role of digital-enabled customer engagement to improve customer experience, services and enable utilities to address some of the pressing challenges they are facing.

Quantum computing as a service for power grids

Denver-based Resilient Entanglement has been awarded funding to advance quantum computing as a service for renewables and grid use cases.
energy storage

Long duration energy storage – 1.5-2.5TW by 2040

The Long Duration Energy Storage Council projects that such storage needs to be scaled up to 400x present day levels.

IESO to integrate local and provincial networks in $1.4m smart grid pilot

IESO announced $1.1m in funding for a smart grid pilot that aims to integrate local energy networks with the provincial grid for reliability.
power africa

NES partners with Power Africa on smart metering and renewables

NES has been selected as an official partner of Power Africa, a US-based government-led partnership, coordinated by USAID.