New York Power Authority
The New York Power Authority has announced the expansion of its municipal programme to “green” vehicle fleets in the suburb of Fairport.

Spurring the expansion of the project was Fairport Electric’s purchase of plug-in hybrid bucket truck and passenger vehicle. [Rise of plug-in electric vehicles as grid storage application]

Fairport Electric is Fairport’s own electric service and is financed entirely by customer rates.

The suburban town in the city of Rochester has 14 electric vehicles for the Fairport’s electric utility making it a forerunner among municipal utilities in New York adopting alternative fuel vehicles.

Gil C. Quiniones, New York Power Authority president and CEO, said: “As a Power Authority customer, Fairport has access to NYPA’s clean, low-cost hydropower, making these vehicles some of the cleanest and cheapest to operate in the state.

“We commend Fairport for recognizing the value of NYPA’s services and working with us to help reduce carbon emissions.”

New York Power Authority ’s clean transport programme supports Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Charge NY initiative, which was launched to help foster a statewide clean transportation network.

The programme is also consistent with the Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision strategy to build a cleaner, more efficient and resilient energy system. [Germany launches electric vehicle subsidy scheme]

The New York governor has mandated that half of all energy used in the state come from renewable sources by 2030.

Partnering in clean transportation

Under New York Power Authority ‘s  first vehicle partnership with Fairport in 2004, the town received a hybrid electric Toyota Prius. In addition to the newest vehicles, Fairport has purchased a further four Priuses, two bucket trucks, three Ford Escapes, a Chevrolet Silverado pickup and a John Deere all-electric off-road vehicle.

The vehicles are being used for various administrative purposes, including meter reading, and everyday transport of workers in the field.

Mitchell Wilke, Fairport Electric Superintendent, said: “The use of electric and hybrid vehicles in our fleet helps Fairport Electric to reduce our operating costs while maintaining safe and reliable power to our customers.”

New York Power Authority ’s clean transportation programme is said to have placed more than 1,250 electric and hybrid-electric vehicles into service and have cumulatively traveled more than 11 million miles (17,702,784 km).


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