ADDAX IMS meters certified in Turkey


ADD Grup is pleased to announce that single-phase and three-phase ADDAX IMS meters have been certified in Turkey, where they passed all necessary checks in the Eldas laboratory.

Recognition and certification in the international market is an integral part of the work of ADD Grup. Once again, the company has demonstrated the highest level in the development of intelligent meters and added a new achievement in the field of certification.

AD11C.6-2-1, AD13C.2-3-1, AD11C.6-1-1 and AD13C.2-1-1 are models of intelligent meters that have all been certified in the Turkish laboratory. The first two models are the newest devices, which have prepayment functions built in, based on the latest developments with the use of NFC prepayment cards, and the other two have AMI functionality with the support of PRIME 1.3.6 and 1.4.

ADDAX IMS smart meters combine simplicity and quality, along with compatibility with the measuring equipment and the corresponding hardware and AMR/AMM/AMI software components of other manufacturers.

Certified meters will be installed in Egypt for prepayment projects as well as in frames for a smart metering pilot, and of course, will be promoted to other countries in the region where AMI and prepayment functionality are the crucial components for the stability and growth of electricity distribution network.

Today ADD GRUP operates in 27 countries and constantly opens new regions for deployment. Throughout 2017, the company has retained the status of the manufacturer of measuring instruments of the highest quality, meeting all standards and operational requirements, as evidenced by the many certificates obtained in different countries and more than 5.7 million implemented smart meters.

ADD Grup smart meters, communication equipment and software, are recognised and certified by the most advanced laboratories in the world. Observance of high standards, as well as the purpose-driven and professional attitude of the cohesive team helps to win new horizons.