Africa ready to adopt smart grid technology


Africa Utility Week (AUW) will take place in Cape Town, South Africa this week and will showcase the progress of a unique smart energy ecosystem. 

Gemalto will be at AUW to explore how Africa is getting ready to implement smart metering to drive electrification programmes, while boosting security as an increasingly critical success factor.

According to Sherry Zameer, SVP IoT for CISMEA region at Gemalto: “Smart energy grids are the way of the future as we use the Internet of Things to develop better ways of generating, distributing and using energy. Much of the processing and data storage will be in the cloud. The integrity of the complex supporting processes and the vital data is thus paramount because energy security is a national priority for any country.”

“Our experience shows that governments are taking the security of their energy grids very seriously indeed, and nobody who wants to play in this space can afford not to include a strong security play in their proposed ecosystem.”

Today’s energy infrastructures are complex ecosystems comprising multiple players in both the public and private sectors, with data the key resource for continually fine-tuning the system. A credible, proven security solution is the only way to build trust in this ecosystem, and thus is the gatekeeper to a more efficient and yet sustainable economy.

“Being relatively less hampered by legacy energy infrastructure, Africa has a great opportunity to adopt smart energy solutions from the get-go, as it has done in communications,” Zameer concludes.

“Africa Utility Week is a great opportunity for all the stakeholders in Africa’s energy future to come together, and Gemalto will be there to demonstrate how to provide the all-important security without which a smart grid will not function successfully.”

Taking place on May 15-17 at the CTICC in Cape Town, African Utility Week provides the largest gathering of energy and water professionals focused on all aspects of the provision of energy services to the African market.