Ameren Illinois improves energy efficiency with voltage optimisation


Ameren Illinois is having its grid system integrated with Dominion Voltage’s Volt/VAR optimisation solution to help consumers improve their energy efficiency without changing energy consumption behaviours.

The installation of the VVO solution started in June and is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

In a statement, the solutions provider claims its VVO solution will enable Ameren Illinois to distribute energy to its consumers at lower volts without manipulating its services.

The technology will help the energy provider to meet peak demand, reduce energy transmission and distribution losses as well as improve customer services by keeping consumer energy bills low.

Ameren Illinois provides electricity services to 1,2 million consumers and gas services to 816,000 customers in southern Illinois.

Dominion Voltage claims its VVO solution will help Ameren Illinois reduce operational costs which the utility would have incurred in deploying traditional energy efficiency and distribution management technologies and programmes.

VVO solutions help energy providers improve the energy efficiency for consumers across all classes without the need to run personalised energy management initiatives for customers.

The programme falls under efforts by Ameren Illinois to meet recommendations set under the state’s Future Energy Jobs Act which aims to improve the adoption of innovative energy technologies and business models to stabilise grid networks.

Todd Headlee, Executive Director, DVI., commented: “DVI is proud to participate in this transformation and to show how our advanced form of advanced metering-based VVO can be a cornerstone to the state’s energy efficiency and distributed energy resource strategies.”

“Ameren Illinois continues to research and implement new smart grid technologies to modernise our electric distribution system infrastructure,” said Ron Pate, Senior Vice President, Operations and Technical Services, Ameren Illinois.

Ameren Illinois and customer service

The news follows an announcement made by the energy provider in late March that it has set aside $60,000 to help its low-income customers in Madison County to pay their bills that are in arrears.

 Stacey Young, the supervisor of community relations for Ameren Illinois, said the $60,000 budget will be used to provide approximately 400 low-income consumers with $150 grants for them to clear their debts. Read more…