Anglian Water completes rollout of AMI network under Norwich trial


Communications infrastructure firm Arqiva has completed deploying its fixed network to connect smart water meters for UK utility Anglian Water.

Anglian Water will use the deployed network to provide connectivity to 11,000 smart water meters via Sensus’ FlexNet two-way communication platform under the trial project.

Arqiva will operate the fixed network infrastructure to facilitate rollout and operation of the smart water meters in Norwich.

The project is part of the utility’s long term smart metering programme to provide both residential and non-residential properties with access to real time water usage data which they can use to improve their efficiency.

In addition, the smart meters will enable Anglian Water to quickly identify unusual patterns of use that might indicate a burst or a leak.

This will enable quick response to leaks within the distribution network, reduce the utility’s infrastructure maintenance costs, lower non-revenue expenses and increase the life span of water assets.

Consumers will have access to usage data via mobile devices or an online platform every 15 minutes.

The network is already enabling the telemetry of data from the 10,000 smart water meters installed.

At the end of February there were around 11,000 smart meters installed with over 99% successfully connected to the network.

The pilot follows an earlier trial of the technology in Newmarket under Anglian Water’s Innovation Shop Window.

The Innovation Shop Window is a programme in which the utility showcases and tests its latest innovation projects as the firm seeks to employ innovative solutions which would help transition it to a water company of the future.

Three of the key objectives of the Shop Window are to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, ensure zero bursts or leakage and reduce water consumption to 80 litres per head, per day.

Paul Glass, Anglian Water’s programme manager for the smart metering initiative, said:

“Anglian Water believes that our customers would benefit from smart water meters. Smart meter data will show customers not only how much they use compared to others like them, but will also show the customer when defects occur in their plumbing, such as a leak on the supply pipe or a leaky loo. This information will help customers save water and cut their water bill.

“The information would also help us to target leakage reduction on our network which, coupled with reduced demand from our customers, will help to conserve the finite water resources in an area of fast growth and changing climate.

“Arqiva and Sensus have succeeded in creating a stable platform to generate data for our customers in Newmarket, and we are confident that this success will be repeated for some of our customers in our other trial in Norwich. We will be using the information from our Trials to discuss with our Regulator, Ofwat, a wider application of smart water meters.”