US utility partners with OATI for energy trading and risk solution


Under the contract, OATI supplied the utility with an energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software.

In a press statement, the US based solutions provider said its ERTM technology will provide Arizona Public Service Company with improved deal capture, scheduling, accounting and risk management functionalities for its power and gas business.

The platform will allow the utility’s various departments to access similar data at the same time.

[quote] Commenting on the development, Subba Nishtala, Director of Fuels and Business Support at APS, said: “The successful launch of the ETRM system helps us to become future-ready.

“This foundational system is a key piece of the solutions we are putting in place to position our company for a dynamic operating environment,” added Nishtala.

The grid solution includes OATI’s market and credit solution ‘webRisk’ to help utilities assure accuracy and transparency of their energy trading portfolio, states the company statement.

In addition, the ERTM features OATI’s webTrader, a streamlined energy trading platform, and OATI webCTRM, a tool for managing forward exposure in financially-oriented commodity markets.

APS is Arizona state’s largest serving power utility with a consumer base of 1,2 million residential and commercial consumers in 11 of the state’s 15 counties.

US smart utilities

The news follows early April’s announcement by OATI that it partnered with North Carolina utility for rollout of a grid load management solution.

OATI said it will help the Fayetteville Public Works Department (PWC) to monitor voltage data, perform peak shaving and reduce demand charges.

Under the contract, the smart grid solution company will combine its webDistribute CVR and GridControl solutions for deployment in PWC’s system comprising of 87,000 electricity consumers in the Fayetteville and Cumberland counties area of North Carolina. [OATI bets to improve Western Interconnection’s load management]

The integration of the solutions will allow the utility to perform Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) through centralised control of devices and switch capacitors in accordance to voltage levels and grid conditions, claimed OATI.

Sasan Mokhtari, CEO of OATI commented: “Through webDistribute CVR and GridControl, PWC will have an innovative and integrated hardware and software solution that utilizes rigid cyber security measures.”

The CEO stressed that the solution will enable the utility to adhere to American National Standard Institute’s (ANSI) voltage limits.


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