Benton Utility District reports smart meter benefits


In the US state of Washington, the Benton Public Utility District has reported that its AMI system has improved outage response times and the ability to identify issues on the grid. 

The service provider to more than 50,000 customers deployed the Sensus AMI solution, which includes the company’s IoT communications network FlexNet and smart stratus electricity meters.

Steve Hunter, director of operations at Benton Public Utility District, said: “We wanted to deploy a network that would allow us to improve communication with customers, so AMI made sense.”

“This AMI solution has enabled us to improve our response time to outages and pinpoint issues we previously would have never detected.”

“Since our deployment, we’ve been able to add a new customer portal so residents can monitor their usage and have plans to launch a prepay programme by the end of the year.”

Hunter remarked that they had looked for “an extremely reliable network that would allow us to develop more capabilities and extend additional benefits to our customers.”

The solution provider claims its two-way communications network allows faster, secure and reliable data telemetry.

The smart meters are claimed to provide accurate meter readings, a functionality helping the utility improve customer service. The meter’s remote connect/disconnect functionality enables the utility to remotely connect or disconnect companies and avoid non-revenues.