Swiss utility selects Siemens to manage smart meter data


BKW Group has engaged Siemens to install a cloud-based meter data management system for power consumption data.

Swiss law currently requires the installation of smart electricity meters. As a result the volume of data that BKW is required to process will increase more than 40,000-fold.

The cloud-based Siemens system, EnergyIP makes it possible to record and analyse these huge data volumes automatically.

Siemens, working with Omnetric Group, the technology services company they founded with Accenture, will implement, integrate and operate the Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

The system will be introduced by the beginning of 2019 and will address BKW’s demand for strong data security, as well as digitally-enabled, automated processing of bulk data.

The partnership between the BKW Group and Siemens as the provider of the cloud based
solution is relevant for the future of smart distribution systems.

Putting Switzerland’s energy strategy into practice requires power and infrastructure
companies to align their grid-based processes with a large number of technical and
commercial interfaces of market partners.

Dealing with huge volumes of data and incorporating decentralised energy solutions necessitate a thorough reorientation of grid-based processes over the long term. That’s why the BKW Group decided to fully digitalise and automate the processes in its grid data management system.

In doing so, it is laying the groundwork to efficiently implement the smart meter rollout
that is required by law in Switzerland as an integral part of its Energy Strategy 2050.

EnergyIP applications include applications for meter data management and decentralised
power management, energy efficiency applications for the energy sector and
industry, and numerous applications for data analytics, e.g. load forecasts for the
grid or to trace grid losses.

Says Thomas Zimmermann, CEO of the Digital Grid Business Unit, part of the Siemens Energy Management Division: “The evolution of our energy system is well underway, and data is the new raw material for energy utilities. Innovative IoT technologies are essential if our customers are to derive commercial benefit from their data.”

With the introduction of EnergyIP, the BKW Group and Siemens are establishing a
partnership that will not only implement a meter data management system, but will
hone the solution to contribute to digitalisation in the field of smart grids.