Centrica expands efficiency offering to 8 million customers

Centrica and the Italian utility signed a five year partnership agreement which will enable the Centrica Connected Home solution suite to be offered to 8 million customers of Eni gas e luce.

The Connected Home suite comprises smart thermostats, lights, doors, window sensors and plugs, all remotely controlled in real-time using the Centrica Hive app to help consumers improve their energy management.

The partnership is an effort by Centrica to expand the market for its Connected Home solution. The solution is currently being used by consumers in the UK, Ireland and North America.

Commenting on the development, Nina Bhatia, managing director of Centrica Connected Home, said: “Strategic partnerships are going to be increasingly important to the growth of [the Connected Home application].

“Through our customer knowledge, insight and experience, we understand that people want more from their energy and services provider – they want to be in control of how they run their home. Our products and services enable customers to automate their homes, manage their energy and get peace of mind.”

Centrica and smart energy trial

Meanwhile in the UK, Centrica has signed its first participant for the Local Energy Market pilot.

In a statement, the utility said the Olde House Holiday Cottage in Wadebridge is the first site to participate in the company’s smart energy pilot.

The £19m project is testing the role of flexible energy generation and storage to improve consumer energy efficiency and grid reliability. The trial will include some 150 homes and businesses.

The Olde House Holiday Cottage has integrated 1MW energy storage system from redT with the 250KW solar plant which was developed in 2011 and an onsite electric vehicle charging station.

Centrica’s programme director Matt Hastings said: “We’re thrilled to be working with The Olde House and redT energy as the first participants in the trial. The Olde House team have already achieved so much in terms of developing their solar generation so it’s great to be helping them to take that next step to even greater independence through the installation of these new machines.”

Shaun Hawkey from The Olde House said: “We generate large amounts of electricity throughout the day but unfortunately cannot utilise it all.  With the installation of these energy storage machines, we will be able to store the energy until times when we have a higher demand, for example at the end of the day and into early evening when our guests return from their days out.”

Scott McGregor, CEO of redT energy said: “We are very proud to be the first energy storage technology to be part of the Local Energy Market. The Olde House is a perfect example of how UK businesses can now utilise more of their renewable generation and make money supporting the electricity grid.  Centrica are at the cutting edge of the UK energy market and with initiatives such as the LEM, we are pleased to be working with them to secure the UK’s energy future by creating reliable, affordable, low carbon energy for business owners.”


Image Credit: 123rf.