Chicopee City to install 16,200 smart electric and water meters


Chicopee City Council in the US state of Massachusetts has voted to replace aging water meters with smart models.

The city will replace 16,200 analog water meters with digital units over a period of 10 years.

The new meters will help the city to secure revenue lost to theft and non-revenue water including inaccurate meter reading and billing over the past years.

A study conducted by the Department of Public Works in 2013 showed that the city losses between $300,000 and $400,000 in revenue due to faulty meters.

The smart water meters will provide services for both the water division and Chicopee Electric Light.

Installation has been scheduled to commence in 2020.

The city will withdraw $300,000 from the sewer division’s account, $200,000 from the water surplus account and $500,000 from Chicopee Electric Light to fund the initiative.

Jeffrey Neece, Department of Public Works Superintendent, said: “The evaluation team’s review of a meter replacement program has concluded that a combined water/sewer/electric light (meter) program will be the most cost effective method.”

The smart meters are expected to save the city over $1 million in annual operational costs.

Consumers will be able to reduce their water and energy bills through access to real time usage data, which would enable them to identify efficiency potentials.

The city is confident that the new system will help in the identification of leaks within the water distribution networks and meter tampering incidents in both networks.