City of Flora adopts AMIoT technology for energy business


The City of Flora in the US state of illinois has selected OATI to deploy an advanced metering infrastructure.

The two signed an AMIoT deal which includes the installation of LoRa network enabled smart meters.

The smart meters are expected to help the city to modernise its metering infrastructure and to better serve its 5,000 residents.

OATI is partnering with Vision Metering, LLC (Vision), a premier provider of LoRa-based electricity meters, to implement the project.

Some 3,000 residential and commercial electric meters and a head-end system will be installed.

The system will enable the city to integrate meter location, outage information, existing utility billing system and online mapping on a single platform.

In future, the City of Flora will be able to add a multitude of LoRa-based devices such as gas and water meters, asset tracking, distribution automation, load management, and other sensing and control devices.