City of Long Beach gets rid of 80 truck rolls per-day using AMI solution


The City of Long Beach partnered with Sensus to provide resilient connectivity to more than 156,000 advanced gas meters.

The City had previously adopted a mesh network to connect the gas meters via a publicly available spectrum before transitioning to an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

The AMI has helped the city to boost efficiency and establish tools for future growth whilst providing remote meter monitoring and management.

Renee Williams, energy resources business operations analyst at Long Beach, said: “… we’ve had outstanding read rate success across our Sensus meters

The city plans to expand its use for residential and commercial water customers.

 “Consistently accurate data is a huge asset, particularly when you combine that with the extra privacy it ensures for our customers.”

 “We’ve eliminated about 80 truck rolls per-day using the AMI solution,” said Williams. “We now have a soft-off policy that allows staff to monitor meters remotely as residents transition between properties, saving us two trips to manually shut down and re-start the meter.”