Climagrid – “3D” vision for the smart grid


    By V.L.G. Gardiman, M.G. Marigo, O. Pinto Jr., G. Zepka, A.C.V. Saraiva, K.P. Naccarato, and Iara R.C.A Pinto

    Global warming, widely discussed in the world, has impacted on environmental and meteorological variables, a fact that has been requiring the development of several technological innovations to mitigate such effects.

    In the electricity sector, one of the greatest contributions has been the application of the concept of smart grids that aims at integration of diverse sources of clean energy and more efficient and rational consumption of the same. Additionally, these networks enable companies to power a broad control over all information relating to their systems.

    The ClimaGrid project integrates information of climatic and environmental variables in the smart grids, seeking to assess the impact of these external agents on the behavior of the grid. Thus, it introduces the third vector of information, creating the concept “3D” for the Smart Grid.

    The project was launched in December 2010 and the first phase was completed recently. A second phase is beginning now and will be completed by the end of 2015. It has several tools already available.

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