ComEd grants access to anonymous energy usage data


According to a release, the energy usage data will be used to enable the development of new products and services that will add value to Illinois energy consumers. [ComEd achieves 34% reduction in outages since 2012]

Anonymous can be defined as compilation of energy usage statistics that do not include customer’s personal identification, protecting customer-specific information. ComEd’s new programme will open up access to unidentified interval energy usage data for zip codes where smart meters have been deployed.

Spurring innovation

Val Jensen, senior vice president for Customer Operations at ComEd, said that the utility is one of the first to offer a this type of programme, that has the potential to generate new offerings from smart home and appliance manufacturers, HVAC and lighting companies, market researchers and energy management specialists.

Jensen adds, “One of the great benefits of smart meter technology is the availability of data that will enable a growing sector of energy tech companies to design new products and pricing programs that will help customers save money and meet the growing interest for more choice and personalised services. [ComEd launches online marketplace for customers]

“This is an industry-leading offering that was developed with input from regulators, stakeholders, educators and entrepreneurs, so we’re confident it will serve the interests of the marketplace while reinforcing our commitment to protecting customer information.”

ComEd has to date, installed 3 million smart meters in northern Illinois, since deployment began in 2013 and it will complete the installation of 4 million smart meters in 2018. The anonymous data offering builds upon the Green Button Initiative.

The Green Button Initiative is a joint effort among utilities and technology companies launched in 2012 that enables customers to download their energy usage data and use it to take advantage of online energy management services; customers also have the option of voluntarily sharing their specific data usage with third party providers.