ComEd to install smart meters in Sauk Valley, Illinois

The Sauk Valley is a region in the north-western parts of Illinois state comprising of Dixon, Sterling, Rock Falls, Morrison and Oregon communities.

According to a local media, ComEd will begin to replace existing analogue electricity meters with the new smart meters to provide a two-way communication with its customers. [ComEd grants access to anonymous energy usage data]

The utility company will install 8,100 smart meters in Dixon, 7,500 in Sterling, 154 in Rock Falls, 2,400 in Morrison and 391 in Oregon.

The smart meters are expected to help ComEd improve its billing accuracy and reduce costs associated with manual meter readings.

The smart metering system will ensure the energy company improves its customer services to Sauk Valley residents by reducing the occurrence and duration of power outages through real-time management of its energy distribution network.

The news follows an announcement made by ComEd that it has installed 3 million smart meters for its customers in northern Illinois over the past three years.

Smart meter adoption

In June 2016, ComEd announced that it will deploy an automated metering infrastructure (AMI) project to enhance its operations in the city of Aurora in the state of Illinois.

Commenting on the development, Mike McMahan, vice president of AMI implementation for ComEd, said: “Technology has moved on, so our standard now is the smart meter.”

The utility said it plans to deploy some 61,000 smart electric meters as from August through to early 2017. [ComEd awarded for customer engagement programme]

The project aims to ensure accurate and remote meter reading, to curb non-revenue electricity, due to power theft and inadequate billing. In addition, the smart meters will also allow the utility to implement new incentives such as Time-of-Use energy pricing.

Consumers will also be able to set their energy efficiency targets and receive notifications when they exceed their consumption targets online.