Con Edison contracts Opower for energy efficiency DCX programme


In a press statement, Con Edison said it has awarded Opower a multi-year contract to provide its technology for the utility’s Digital Customer Experience (DCX) programme.

Opower will also provide Con Edison with an AMI solution for a smart meter rollout.

[quote]In addition, Opower will support ConEdison in a smart energy pilot falling under New York State’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) program.

Customer engagement

Commenting on the signing of the deal, Craig Ivey, president of Con Edison, said the “…partnership will help us provide customers with valuable information about their energy usage, more access to new products and services, and faster restoration when outages occur.”

Under the DCX project seeking to transform the utility’s customer experience, Opower will upgrade Con Edison’s website to allow better communication with consumers about their energy use.

In the smart meters project set to begin 2017, Opower will supply the utility a customer-facing analytics solution.

Con Edison said it will also utilise Opower’s customer segmentation and targeting analytics solution to allow increased adoption of distributed energy resources under the ‘Connected Homes REV Demo Project’.

Opower in US energy efficiency

Furthermore, Opower said it is partnering with US headquartered global energy business management consultant FirstFuel to extend similar engagement tools for commercial and industrial customers so that businesses can directly access detailed information about their energy use and get recommendations to reduce usage.

Q4 2015, Opower and commerce platform provider Enervee also partnered to develop a customer engagement tool – the Opower Marketplace Suite.

The application is designed to provide customers with information about products and services from retailers in a bid to help the way consumers buy energy-using products.

According to a company release, the Opower Marketplace Suite, will also enable utilities to effectively target customers with incentives and offers – when bringing together Enervee’s data platform orientated focus and Opower’s Customer Engagement Platform.

The platform, comprising 600,000 product and service offers, is also expected to drive higher programme participation rates and create new value from customers’ energy efficient purchases.

Apart from providing insight into the energy efficiency rating of various products and services, the platform provides customer targeting and marketing tools to assist utilities in improving the scale and performance of existing incentive programmes and encourage customers toward new ones.

The Marketplace Suite also features an advanced analytics dashboard that produces evaluation, measurement and verification (EM&V) ready data and allows utilities to link leads with marketing initiatives.