ComEd adds service to residential energy efficiency programme


According to a statement, ComEd has commissioned the implementation of Whisker Labs’ Connected Service in residential consumer energy efficiency pilot.

Under the pilot, customers of ComEd and Nicor Gas are using smart thermostats developed by Honeywell to reduce energy costs by managing the energy consumption of their heating and cooling systems.

The solutions provider claims its Connected Savings solution combines IoT-connected smart home devices, weather data and predictive algorithms to provide consumers with insights which they can use to optimise the energy efficiency of their appliances.

ComEd will use Whisker Labs’ Thermostats optimisation service to help some 3,000 consumers to be registered under the initiative to improve the energy efficiency of their Wi-Fi connected smart home thermostats.

Global energy consulting and market intelligence firm Navigant has been selected to evaluate the benefits of using thermostat optimisation and data analytics to increase consumer energy efficiency.

The pilot objective is to learn how connected thermostats can be improved with advanced analytics and to use the data from this pilot to submit this technology for inclusion in the Illinois Technical Reference Manua (lTRM), which will enable any regulated utility within Illinois to claim savings that result from the thermostat optimization solution.

ComEd and consumer energy efficiency

The programme is part of efforts by ComEd to expand its demand side management portfolio, stabilise its grid network and meet peak demand. The project will enable the energy provider to avoid investing in new energy generation infrastructure but rather meet demand using its existing infrastructure.

At the same time, an increase in consumer energy efficiency will enable ComEd to improve its customer services by keeping consumer bills low. Such initiatives will help the utility to be able to expand its portfolio of renewable energy resources.

“ComEd is always looking for innovative demand side management approaches that help bring energy intelligence to our customers to help them reduce energy costs,” said George Malek, director of energy efficiency services at ComEd.

In early July, the energy provider announced that it has managed to help its customers save $2.5 billion on their energy bills since the launch of the company’s energy efficiency programme in 2008. Read more…

Hammad Chaudhry, energy efficiency planning manager, Nicor Gas, adds: “We were impressed with the measurable energy efficiency results and cost savings Connected Savings’ thermostat optimization programs have delivered in other regions, and look forward analysing the results of this pilot effort as part of our energySMART Emerging Technology Program.”


Image Credit: 123rf