Type: DDSY51 Single Phase Static Prepaid Watt-hour Meter

Accuracy: 1.0,2.0

Power loss: < 2W/5VA

Nominal voltage: 220V

Nominal current: 5(20)A¡¢5(30)A¡¢10(40)A

Frequency: 50Hz


1. Functions and Features

1) Measurement Function
a. Active energy consumption measurement

2) Real-time Measurement Function
a. Instantaneous active power measurement

3) Output Port
a. Active test impulse output port

4) Communication Function
a. Meter reading and setting can be achieved via RS485 port
b. RS485 port electric insulation, lightning proof circuit design

5) Display:LED

6) Other Functions
a. Unique smart card, one car for one meter
b. Load control function

2. Technical Characteristic
Reliability:Simple structure with high reliability
Stability:No calibration needed during long working period with high stability

DDSY51 Single Phase Static Prepaid Watt-hour Meter