Delhi embraces smart meters


Residents in Delhi will start having smart meters installed in their homes when discom Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) begins the installation of two lakh (200,000) smart meters in North and North-West Delhi.

This will be followed by five lakh (500,000) meters in 2019/2020 and the total of all 16 lakh (1,6 million) consumers are to be covered by 2025, according to a spokesperson of TPDDL.

“Deployment of large scale smart meters and communication system, for its entire operation area of 510 square km,  is a significant step to bring smart grid technology in India,” said Sanjay Banga, TPDDL CEO.

“We are developing a very robust infrastructure for smooth transition from electronic meters to smart metering and ready to take a lead in the mission of developing smart grid for smart cities with integration of renewables, roof top, electric vehicles as well,” Banga said.

The project has already started with the installation of communication and back-end IT infrastructure last year.