US utility co-op selects OMNETRIC for DR rollout


In a press statement, Wabash Valley Power said it will use the consortium’s demand response solution to reduce peak demand for its 23 member energy distribution cooperatives operating in the US states of Indiana, Illinois and Missouri.

The demand response solution will enable customers of the Wabash Valley Power to reduce their energy consumption during peak periods and reduce costs to ensure the reliability of grid networks.

The successful implementation of the project will enable Wabash Valley Power to meet its demand response capacity targets set under the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) and PJM wholesale markets.

In addition to improved demand-side management, OMNETRIC Group will assist Wabash Valley Power to increase its integration of renewable energy resources with grid network.

Andrew Horstman, Manager of Load Response at Wabash Valley Power said, “We are seeing a growing appetite and competence amongst communities in the US to manage their own energy generation and distribution.”

The project with OMNETRIC Group is “… all part of ensuring we remain at the forefront of industry change while continuing to provide savings for our members.”

The integration of OMNETRIC Group’s demand response solution with WABASH Valley Power’s network is expected to extend through to April this year.

Wabash Valley Power provides wholesale electricity to retail electric distribution cooperatives serving 311,000 homes, farms, and businesses.

Demand response growth

Meanwhile, in Canada, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) announced that it has witnessed significant growth in the Ontario’s demand response (DR) activity.

IESO uses various demand-side resources including Time-of-Use energy pricing, energy efficiency and energy management technologies provided by DR providers to help energy consumers in Ontario reduce their electricity consumption and costs.

IESO said that its DR auction which was held in 2016 saw an increase in the number of consumers and providers of DR solutions participating compared to 2015.

Twenty-one DR providers were registered in the energy transmission operator’s DR auction in 2016.  During IESO’s 2015 DR auction, only 16 were registered.

In addition to witnessing an increase in the number of participants, last year, IESO’s DR auction reduced the costs of DR energy capacity by 12% and 17% in summer and winter respectively compared to 2015 levels.The IESO 2016 DR auction was the energy transmission system operator’s second demand response auction since its launch in December 2015. [HECO files plans for demand response programmes]

Since 2015, DR has helped energy providers within IESO’s energy network to avoid using up to 1,200MW of peak demand capacity during summer days.


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